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The Stays Group Marketplace, powered by Fetch My Guest is the largest network of independent vacation rental brands in North America that is driving more direct bookings by marketing the strength of our collective brands. The opportunity for brands to leverage #bookdirect has never been better.

The members only cooperative marketplace delivers on the promise of transparency, quality and the trust our members have earned over the many years in their respective communities.

Stays Group Marketplaces

The Stays Group Marketplace network started with the inception of NorthwestStays in 2018, featuring professional vacation rental companies focused in the Pacific Northwest and quickly grew with CaliStays, NortheastStays, GreatHawaiiStays and SoutheastStays and SouthwestStays.

The Benefit of a Cooperative Marketplace to Professional Vacation Rental Brands

  • A solution to OTA’s dominance and policy changes that hurt independent vacation rental brands. The counter balance to the coming commission-only world.
  • Connecting independent vacation rental brands leads to more organic traffic.
  • More organic traffic leads to more direct bookings with the independent vacation rental brand.
  • Measure Success - Compare performance of your brand against the OTAs. You just might be surprised.
  • Your Branded properties are not just listed in your regional marketplace, but ALL marketplaces within the network. No other network delivers on this reach and provide this much value to your independent vacation rental brand.

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Guiding Principles of the Stays Group Marketplace

Independent brands and operators are carefully vetted and of the NWVRP membership only. Our exclusive member driven vacation rental marketplace gives the traveler every opportunity to contact you directly and receive the best price on vacation rentals in leisure destinations in North America.

We believe that direct communications with the professional vacation rental brand (you!) is essential and is not something that should be shared with a property management system or online travel agency (OTA). We help you build stronger relationships with travelers by enforcing the value of booking direct.

Our marketplace consists of trusted professional vacation rental brands working together. When you join the Stays Group marketplace you are investing in your brand and business and we guarantee you will drive more direct bookings to your website. We’re all in this together!

NWVRP Members with 60+ properties signing up for the Marketplace:   
Your Stays Group Marketplace fee structure will be discounted the amount you paid for your NWVRP annual membership dues - saving members between $499 to $799 off the annual Marketplace fees.

NWVRP  Members with 40-59 properties signing up for the Marketplace: 
Your Stays Group Marketplace fee structure will be discounted 20% from the amount you paid for your NWVRP annual membership dues.

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Since our launch we have dramatically improved the outlook for many vacation rental professionals in optimizing their marketing efforts leading to higher conversion rates, direct bookings and repeat business. We look forward to helping others achieve this same success.

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