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In 2011, a group of like-minded professional vacation rental property managers came together to create an organization with a goal of:

  • Building peer to peer relationships and discussions
  • sharing best practices,
  • providing advice and mentorship,
  • assisting in advocacy,
  • supplier programs based on membership volumes,
  • developing a marketplace that promotes your own brand,
  • cross promotion of properties,

...all while supporting each other through a shared vision. 

This amazing group of professionals began in the United States Pacific Northwest.  Through dedication to excellence, high standards, and a thorough vetting system the group has grown to include members from all over North America and are poised to expand globally.

The founding members rallied around a non-profit concept which included the creation of Marketplace, a product dedicated to promoting NWVRP members' brands, called NorthWestStays.  The product proved successful and shortly thereafter a second group called CaliStays was created.  As the membership grew, the marketplaces expanded to include GreatHawaiiStays; and more recently GreatSouthwestStays and GreatSoutheastStays were added.

NWVRP provides leadership through peer to peer meetings, seminars and workshops, annual conferences, after hours unwind sessions, and other in person or virtual opportunities for education, sharing of ideas and expertise. 

We believe that the professionally managed NWVRP member properties are the best short-term rentals available. It is all about trust, sharing expertise and like-minded professionals who are willing to exceed expectations. Whether you manage three properties or thousands of properties, all professional managers are welcome to apply for membership!

Membership Categories




5-99 properties: $499 1-4 properties: $299 $499
100+ properties: $699 5-99 properties: $499  
200+ properties: $799 100+ properties: $699  
  200+ properties: $799  

Requirements for Membership:

Membership shall be open to each approved short-term (less than 30 days) vacation rental management company (VRMC) which subscribes to the NWVRP Core Documents and have a C or higher grade or a N/R (no rating) with the Better Business Bureau.  For membership purposes, a VRMC is defined as an entity managing five or more furnished residential properties with at least one property not owned by the VRMC. Companies operating in multiple locations or through multiple franchises, and its subsidiaries, are limited to a single NWVRP membership.

  • Commit to listing all your short-term furnished properties for a minimum of two years.
  • Transact as merchant of record for bookings online on your own website.
  • Agree to release the NWVRP Executive Board, Marketplace Committee, Membership and Assigns from all liability and any expectation of performance.

Choose Affiliate (Vendor) if you are a business that serves property managers. Affiliates are non-voting.

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Consider Joining the NWVRP Marketplace!

Marketplace is partnered with StaysGroup, powered by Fetch My Guest.

Why Do Our Members Belong to Marketplace?

  • BookDirect Marketing
  • Amplify Your Brand
  • StaysConnect with Peers
  • Own Your Data
  • Control Your Destiny

Marketplace, while not included in NWVRP membership, greatly enhances both your membership value AND your company's potential for growth by providing your guests with the tools to book directly with YOU, the professional vacation rental host. 

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There are no refunds for NWVRP Dues, Sponsorships or Conference Registrations. Your contributions help us cover the cost of running the association, our events and are an investment in the work of the NWVRP.